Tools are important

I am a tool junkie and own lots of tools. Some turn out to be of no much use, others I cannot imagine my work without. Here are a few that I cherish the most.

To keep my pins handy when I am working at my design wall I use a common magnetic wrist band from a hardware store (not from sewing notions) that I pin to the wall. For my marking pencil I have made a pocket that I also pin to the wall. Sometimes I also find it helpful to have around a ten-inch cut of the measure tape.

These are some of the other tools that I use a lot: an Olfa 60 mm rotary cutter;  a Clover ball point awl (for undoing seams, for holding fabric under the machine needle, for many other things); a ten-inch cut of a measure tape; a Gingher thread snip that I always keep at the sewing machine (much more convenient than scissors); the best marking pencil that I have ever come across — General’s 558 series white charcoal (just the right softness!); quilter’s weights to hold down fabric while cutting it.  Mine have become old, the plastic on them is cracking, but I do not know where to buy new ones.